Thursday, 29 March 2018

In most homes, the rice dish is considered to be incomplete without eating rice. Raw rice is washed before making rice so that the polishing on the rice is cleansed. Throwing rice water after washing, but the rice that comes after the rice and rice cooked is very beneficial for us. It makes both hair and skin shine.
Nutrients present in rice water:
Rice water contains proteins, vitamins-E, vitamin-B, carbohydrate, anti-oxidants, anti-aging, ferrolic, alanotine, which acts as the best toner for skin, which gives moisture to the skin at an early age. Tighten the skin of the skin by eliminating wrinkles on the face Rice water contains Originol, which protects the skin from the sun's dangerous ultraviolet rays.
Home Remedies for Removing Pimples:     
Man ingredients:
Raw rice: 2 cups
Which Rice Uses: There  are two types of rice in the market, which is the first raw rice and the second fixed rice. But this does not mean that one raw and the other is fixed. Both of them are raw and unbaked.
Raw rice: raw rice Those rice are called when the rice is removed from the paddy before the paddy is not boiled. The color of this rice becomes more milk. It takes little time to cook.
Pucca rice: Pure rice is called rice when the rice is extracted from the paddy before the paddy is boiled, and after drying it rice is separated from the paddy. It takes a lot of time to cook.
Tip: You can use any rice for this remedi but if you use raw rice, it is more beneficial.
Methods of removing pimples:
How To Make Rice Water: To get  rid of rice water first, put one glass of water in a vessel and pour 2 cups of rice and leave it for 30 minutes. The color of the water will be absolutely white, which means that If rice grains do not appear clean in water then filter the water and put it in another vessel.
Rice mud for the nails:  Put two glasses of water in one pan and soaked rice and leave it to cook. When the rice gets cooked, then scrub its bow and let it cool down. When cooling, the stool starts
Keep in mind: While cooking the rice several times dry the water within the rice, but keep the quantity of water for the rice bowl, when the rice is cooked, then the remaining water will not be able to dry any other vessel and dry it.
How to use on Pimples:  Massage your face in the circular form for 10 minutes on the face with the hand or cotton ball on the face. This process is to be done once again to put the bow on the face again, but do not massage this time but leave it for 10-15 minutes.
Then wash your face with the water of rice that was soaked in rice and then wash your face with that water.
After eating the bow, you can eat baked rice.
You can use this remedy three times a week, even if you can do it every other day.
The water of rice works in natural cleansing, its use improves on face of night, removes tanning , eliminates nail-acne from roots, nourishes, brings freshness on the face.

Many people are troubled by the problem of acne pimples. It is more in people with oily skin. But there are many people whose skin is not oily but they have problems of pimples. It is natural to have acne in adolescence (Muhaso ka ilaj), but even after passing that state many times the problem of acne (pimples / pimples) remains intact.
The skin is more oily (Oily), it becomes a major problem for college-going women who do not want to show anyone with their acne while leaving. Acne is a type of inflammation occurring in the skin, which occurs when skin oil glands become afflicted with bacteria. You can now use home remedies for how to remove pimples.
Acne is the normal condition of the skin, that is, boys and girls are in adolescence. This is the state of swelling of the skin which is on the throat and back. These painful glands also occur and there is often a pus. This is not a contagious disease, but embarrasses young boys and girls. Young people are very aware of their nature and because of this they feel a lack of self-confidence. Grain remedies on face : -

Causes of pimples due to acne / acne

The skin is more oily (oily), it exceeds the excessive oil emissions of the oil glands, causing the skin to rupture the pimples. Do not remove dead skin also closes holes. The change in physical and hormones stimulates the Sibgyes gland in girls and boys, which produces more oil. The bacteria that grow in the symbion also help in the development of acne by closing the pores. Some dairy products contain high amounts of calcium and sugar, which develops acne in some people. Medicines containing estrogen are also the cause of acne. Acne also causes acne due to not cleaning the chemicals involved in make-up products. All makeups should be cleaned well at night.

List of home remedies for treatment of pimples / acne treatments (pimples as well as pimples treatment for oily skin)

Remedies for stigma (Reduce Pimple and marks with Masoor)

Lentil pulses are used as pimple hatane ke upay. Soak Masoor's Dal in water and grind it and add 1 pinch of turmeric in this paste and apply it in the face. It clears the face color and also the pixel scars are gone. Applying it on a daily face fits the facial pimples.

Fry face of turmeric powder in the granular house of acne (Muhason has been used to make a face) - Haldi besan face mask

As the gram is very useful for the skin, there is also a natural remedy to remove the acne. Mix ½ spoonful of turmeric powder in 2 teaspoons gram flour. Add rose water and raw milk to it and make paste. If your skin is more oily then use water instead of milk. Apply it in the face daily. This will give quick relief in the problem of pimples.

Garlic for the home remedy of pimples

If you have been experiencing a problem of pimples for many days and it appears on the face in the form of nail etc., it is beneficial to use garlic in the natural treatment of such acne. Grind some garlic buds and take out juice and mix 3 to 4 drops of lemon juice in the place of acne and keep it for 10 minutes.

Get rid of acne - acne treatments with ice over pimples

You can easily get it from the fridge. If you want to get rid of acne (pimples / pimples) then take some pieces of ice and put it on your acne. This makes blood circulation faster in your acne. You can wrap the pieces of ice in the clothes and put them on the acne. If you feel more cold in this process then wait for a while and use this process again.

Treatment of Pimples - Acne treatment of acne from home (anti-acne treatment with Honey to remove pimples)

Those who want to keep themselves healthy keep honey in their kitchen as an alternative to sugar. If you have honey in your home too, it will help you to acne acne, to remove acne. This is a great product that has immediate effect on the pump. Dip the seeds of cotton in the honey and apply it on pimples / pimples. Keep it for half an hour and wash it. If it is washed with lukewarm water, the effect is greater.

Pimples stains, for the treatment of acne - Lemon (pimples of lime)

Lemon helps a lot in maintaining beauty and health. Acne treatment, lemon's contribution is also important in cure acne. Because there is a considerable amount of vitamin C in the lemon, so the acne dries very dry quickly. Use only fresh lemons to extract lemon juice. The lemon juice contained in the bottle contains chemical substances that are harmful to the skin.


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