Thursday, 29 March 2018

After receiving numerous emails and comments regarding heart diseases I have decided to put down all those common queries we all have about the myths regarding heart diseases.
Heart is a vital part of our body and hence has to be given attention when needed. So, here goes the list of all those common myths we all have and the truth behind them.

Myths about Heart diseases

  • Myth 1: I have been eating good diet and walking regularly, hence I can never suffer from heart diseases.Things to avoid at gym
If you ever feel this way, then you are wrong! Let me share my father’s story. My father has been a regular walker from the past 15-20 years and had a normal Indian diet, but often used to complain about his left arm pain. 2 years back he was diagnosed with 4-5 heart blockages (80-90% arterial blockages). Well the reason behind it was not fitness or food intake but the stress we take in everyday lives. Be cautious about your health if your age is 35 years or more.
  • Myth 2: I am young and hence I can never suffer from heart diseases nowMyth
A person can suffer from heart diseases as diseases are never biased with our age factor. Even if you are young these things may crawl into you through hereditary (your parents and grandparents). Hence keep check on your Blood pressures and Body sugar levels and keep fit. If you are a parent do keep a check on your children’s diet and their health because, they mean a lot to you.
  • Myth 3: I have been diagnosed with heart blockage, I am over!Myth
Well, if you have been recently diagnosed with heart blockages and have underwent angioplasty or other heart surgery, then in such cases you must feel very lucky. Many people couldn’t find smallest symptoms of heart diseases and lose their lives. Hence feel proud and praise god that you have been chosen for a second chance to look after your family.
  • Myth 4: Women don’t get heart diseasesMyth
Many of us around here believe that heart diseases are only meant for men. But the truth is it is more lethal for women than men. Earlier, it was thought that women were only prone to cancers, but the fact is they can be prone to both.
  • Myth 5: No symptoms, no heart diseasesMyth
This is the greatest myth of all time. Around 64% of the people around the world get a heart strike without any previous symptoms. In many cases people misinterpret simple symptoms by having a mindset that symptoms such as severe chest pain might lead to heart diseases. Hence, symptoms such as Vomiting sensation, breathing problem and jaw pain should never go unnoticed.
  • Myth 6: Nothing can be done to it as I have a family historyMyth
Well it’s true that people whose parents have undergone such situations are at higher risk of getting a heart disease. But, it’s totally false that you can do nothing to prevent it. Keep yourself active by doing workouts and eating healthy. This can keep heart risks at bay and can keep you healthy too!
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