Thursday, 29 March 2018

The real dilemma comes when the patient is having arterial blockages and told to choose one of them. The question arises angioplasty or Bypass surgery? Usually it’s a myth that patient with more than 3 blockages should undergo bypass and the one with 1-2 blockages should undergo angio. That is totally wrong. To understand this one has to know the basic difference between the two of them.
Bypass is quite an older way to remove the blockages in the arteries by cutting and opening down the heart which is quite a lengthy procedure and the patient might even need lot of time to recover from the surgery. Even such surgeries are dangerous and life taking. Though it has a silverlining too, It is a permanent method for the removal of blockages while on the other hand there’s this latest technology where the patient’s heart isn’t opened out but rather the blockages are opened using stints that are placed through the blood stream into the blockages. Though its not considered a permanent solution as the patient may be needed to undergo angiogram when suspectful.Angioplasty or Bypass surgery

Now the question arises Angioplasty or bypass surgery?

The answer to it is much more complicated than it seems. The doctors themselves get in dilemma as they don’t want to put their patient’s life at stake. Lets have a look at the study that took place from 2004-2008 where around 190,000 patients were treated with angioplasty and bypass surgery, out of which it was seen that 84% of the people who had bypass survived while 79% of the people who had angioplasty survived. Hence the report thus say that The bypass sugery might be dangerous but its survival rate is much more that of Angioplasty. Hence it is requested to all those readers to think about the decision you make or the advise you may give. So the finally whatever it may be angioplasty or bypass surgery both are dangerous but bypass is more preferable because it is much more reliable than Angioplasty and a permanent solution to arterial blockages.
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